Frequently Asked Questions

Can we supply to other countries?

Yes, through our partners we are able to offer worldwide delivery of our products.

Can our products be used on roads/public highways?

No, our products are not for road use. They are designed for use off-road, on private land.

Can adults use our products?

Yes, our products have a sensible load capacity meaning that adults can safely use them.

Can we supply our products in any paint colour?

Yes, we offer a fully bespoke product & can paint match as required. We do ask for an industry standard RAL number &/or Manufacturers paint code/name where possible.

How fast do our cars go?

Our products have a claimed top speed equivalent to 30 mph / 50 kph, however with optional safety restrictors we can reduce the top speed to 5 mph / 8 kph.

What are our products made from?

The chassis’ of our products are hand made box section steel, and the bodies are GRP, a strong & durable reinforced plastic.

Do we keep stock for immediate purchase?

Yes, we as a company keep UK stock & are able to offer products to those who do not necessarily wish to configure their own.

Are our products safe?

Yes, our products are extremely safe when used correctly, in accordance with our T&C’s & laws. There are risks involved with the use & misuse of our products, we do therefore strongly recommend adult supervision at all times & regular safety briefings & checks.

Do we offer after-sales services?

Yes, from our premises in Berkshire, we offer a full Parts, Maintenance & After-sales service.

Can you speak with Tim aka Shmee150?

Yes & No. Tim is an active member of the ‘Little Legends’ team & therefore often answers enquiries, however we cannot guarantee this will always be the case. We can not give out personal contact information for anybody, Tim is no exception. Sorry about that.
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