Spyder – Sports Series

Spyder – Sports Series

Molto Bello

Drawing on inspiration from classical Italian design the Spyder is rightly & deservedly so one of our best sellers, looking especially divine on our hand made Torino wire wheels. There is surely no finer open top sports car.

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In standard tune, the cars can reach 47 kmph. A speed restrictor can be fitted for younger drivers. The cars use approximately 1.5 litres of petrol per hour. Power: Max power/RPM: 5.0kw/8500rpm. Max Torque/rpm: 6.6Nm/6500 ±500rpm. Idle speed: 1500/100 rpm.


  • Jig-built steel box section chassis painted/powder-coated.
  • Composite GRP body and floor pan.
  • Steel suspension swing arms.
  • Aluminium/tensile steel front stub axles. Aluminium front hubs. Steel rear-drive shafts/rear hubs. Rudder donut rear half shaft UJ’s.

Mechanical & Electrical

  • Front-mounted engine. Rear wheel drive.
  • Engine: 110cc air-cooled 4 stroke single cylinder petrol engine.
  • Transmission: 3 speed semi-automatic gearbox + reverse (no clutch, sequential gear change).
  • Working lights, horn, electric starter key and indicators: 12 Volt.

Steering & suspension

  • Fully independent suspension all round. Double wishbones at the front, single at the rear.
  • Fixed differential with rubber donut rear UJ’s (similar to series 1 Lotus Elan).
  • Adjustable gas shock absorbers all round. Vented disks with dual pot Brembo callipers front and rear (2 front + single rear giving 66/33 bias braking.
  • Hydraulic split braking system with twin outlet master cylinder.
  • Rack-and-pinion centre mount steering rack L<3.5>R.

Body, Interior & Trim

  • The cars are fitted with adjustable pedals to facilitate young drivers and tall adults comfortably.
  • Vinyl or leather-trimmed GRP seat. Authentic dashboard and central steering design. The switchgear includes ignition pos/key, indicator, horn and lights. Neatly positioned levers release the bonnet and boot within the cockpit.
  • The exterior is finished in a range of automotive DuPont paint colours for you to choose from.
  • For custom colours, simply provide us with a specific DuPont colour code.


  • Length: 2560mm.
  • Width: 980mm.
  • Height: 780mm.
  • Weight: 220kg.
  • Ground clearance: 160mm.

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